Joel Stevens

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Joel Stevens
Residing In what City & State: Gilbert, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Sharon
Occupation: Retired Physical Education Teacher
Military Service: U.S. ARMY  
Children: Meghan ,born Sept. 1982
Marc, born Sept. 1984
Yes! Attending Reunion
How many years with your spouse or partner:


Are you working now?


Would you like to share your employment history?

I taught for two years at Holroyd School in Sydney Australia. I taught Adapted Physical Education. I lived in Sydney from 1974-76.

From 1977 until June of 2009, I taught in the Tempe Elementary School District, teaching both Adapted Physical Education and Elementary Physical Education in a K-5 School. Tempe is a city East of Phoenix.

My School ,Rover Elementary was voted one of the best Elementary schools in Arizona and was awarded a National Blue Ribbon Award in 2001. The Blue Ribbon Award ment that Rover was one of the best 200 Elementary Schools in the Nation.

What can you share about your tour of duty?

Most of my tour was spent in Vietnam. I was there from July 1970 to July 1971. There were many bad days and a few good ones. I'm really thankful I made it out of there in one piece. I think of Cappie often.

Would you like to tell us about them

Meghan has been married for two years and is inside sales manager for World Screening Corp. They deal in Mining equip for North and South America.

Marc graduated from Arizona State University with an Honors Finance Degree last Dec. He then backpacked in Europe for three months and visited over 20 countries. He currently works for Vita Coco.

What are your favorite pastimes?

I play handball 3X a week, try and stay as fit as I can, golf , travel. I still love photography and miss all the dives (scuba).

Places you have traveled and sights you have seen?

We lived in Australia so we saw most of the country. We had two trips to the Barrier Reef. The diving was awesome. We also went to Fiji twice to dive there. Visited New Zealand, had two trips to Hawaii and have been to Cabo and Cozumel in Mexico. We have been to California many times in the wine country.

What are your proudest moments?

The birth of our two children, being married for 32 years, running a marathon and teaching for 32 years. We are very proud of our children and their accomplishments, and Making a difference in children's lives.

What are your favorite songs from the sixties?

I feel fine-Beatles
Sitting on the dock of the bay-Ottis Reading
Pretty Woman-Roy O
Lost That Loving Feeling- R Brothers
Dazed and Confused-Led

There are lots more, I just can"t think of them right now.

Who was your favorite teacher from the JMHS and Why?

Mrs Kehoe, she was cute and made that English class fun.

I also liked Coach Dunn,Graf,Mr. vetter and Mr. Ognibene. Mr. Coccia was great and then there was Mr. Epping (NO COMMENT)

What television show or movie best describes your current life and Why?

Mission Impossible, My parents were worried that the direction I was taking was not the best route. But in the end it worked out pretty good.

What message would you give today to the current JMHS Student Body?

You probably think you know everything, but trust me you don't. Be honest, help people when ever you can. Love you family, I know it can be difficult. Learn as much as you can,because learning in continuous. Set goals and never ,never quit.

Are there any Life's Lessons you would pass along?

"The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand during challenge and controversy" MLK

Do you have a "Bucket List"?

Travel to Europe,back to Australia. I would like to sky dive. Sharon retires at the end of the school year and we plan on taking mini trips to see lots of new places. I would like to plae handball in my 80s (I hope)


I would like to thank all of you who have put so much time and energy into our email list and this website,thank you so much.

What special memories do you have of JMHS?

Could not wait to get on that athletic field after school. All my friends, we sure did run that school our senior year. All the laughs, good times,and many fond memories.

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Thank you sweetie

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Happy Birthday Barb.

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Happy Birthday buddy,have a great day.

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Happy Birthday Dan, still remember your Dad shifting that car on the way to KP softball.

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Happy Birthday buddy,have a hot and a cold one, enjoy your day, Joel

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Happy Birthday Norm.

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Rhonda, I'm so sorry to hear of Jack's passing. I want you to know I'm thinking of you and your family, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I remember what a wonderful person you were at Marshall, God bless, Joel

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Michael, Frank Vito just sent me that pic of our KPAA softball team, what a trip. We were a good team. I can't believe you still have it. I still have our trophy. Hope all is well with you.

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Happy Birthday Norm, I'll have a cold one or a bottle of wine or maybe some vodka, perhaps a gin and tonic, anyway it will be something in your honor. Have a good one.

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Happy Birthday Jo, I would recommend Vodka.

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Happy Birthday Have a cold one, how do you lose to Iceland, they needed you.

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