Linda Barone Cirrincione

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Linda Barone
Residing In what City & State: Fairport, NY USA
Spouse/Partner: husband Michael
Occupation: Science Teacher
Children: I have one son, David, who is 34 .
Yes! Attending Reunion
How many years with your spouse or partner:


Are you working now?

no thankfully I'm retired from the Rochester City School District. They are having too many serious problems lately. Nowadays, teachers are really having a difficult time teaching. I've been retired 16 years now, due to an early retirement N.Y. State

Would you like to share your employment history?

Well, when I first started teaching back in 1970, I was hired as a Health Teacher at Monroe High School. I was interviewed by Mr. Wm. Graff, who was the Vice principal at that time. I was hired and taught there for two years before I was transferred to Frederick Douglass Middle School. For several years, I taught Health Ed. but then I quit teaching to have a baby. After three years, I went back to teaching at Douglas but as a science teacher. I taught every science but Biology - which was my major in college.

Would you like to tell us about them

David is a superb athlete in any sport. His best sport has always been baseball. I've told him he gets his sports ability from me and that he was playing ball before he was even born. I was pregnant with David when I was in a women's championship league and my position was pitcher. David is a great golfer and has never taken a lesson. By the time he was 15 he has 3 holes in one. He graduated from college with a business degree and many honors. He's now working as a house framer and carpenter. As you can see, I'm very proud of him. He has totally remodeled my house and of course it's beautiful and no one has a house like mine.



What are your favorite pastimes?

Yankees baseball; golfing; sewing;quilting; boating; swimming; reading and wishing I was young enough to play baseball.

Places you have traveled and sights you have seen?

Alot of places and cities in the U.S. My favorite is Las Vegas. (only kidding) I really loved the Grand Canyon even though my husband was mad enough to push me off the ledge we were standing on. I've been to many of the national parks and they are all very impressive; but I was really awed by the Redwood Forest in Calif. I've been to the Carribean Islands several times ( but the best time was when I was single) Have visited France once,,
nice place if you speak french. Poor Miss Powers she would have been so disapointed in my french. Four years wasted.

What are your proudest moments?

Watching my son graduate from college

Not turning into my mother

Being able to admit when I was wrong

What are your favorite songs from the sixties?

Get off of my cloud - Rolling Stones
Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
At the Hop
Stand By Me - Ben E. King
Will you love Me Tomorrow - Shirelles
America - from the movie West Side Story
I Want to Hold Your Hand - Beattles

Who was your favorite teacher from the JMHS and Why?

Miss Powers - she was my French teacher for 4 years and after all that she said I still didn't know how to speak french. And she was really funny when she tried to reprimand someone.

What message would you give today to the current JMHS Student Body?

Don't use drugs and never commit a felony. Both will end up ruining your life.

Are there any Life's Lessons you would pass along?

Be prepared for change. All kinds - large and small/
good and bad. Nothing stays the same forever

Do you have a "Bucket List"?

Go visit Hawaii - England - Italy - Scotland - Learn more about history ( in H.S. it seemed so boring or was it the teachers) and learn more about physics and the universe. I would like to parachute jump. I did have the opportunity to swim with dolphins and now spend winters in Florida.

What special memories do you have of JMHS?

After our senior play, I had the senior play party at my house. Of course my parents gave me a limit to invite. So naturally too many came for the party. My father said to me " how do you count by fours ?"

Another time, the Varsity Club had a sock hop after a basketball game. I was responsible for organizing it with the help Mr.Merlino the V.C. advisor. Miss Turula said we could only have 100 students at the dance. When the doors were open everyone from the basketball game rushed through them and we had over 3 hundred. I thought we would never be allowed another dance , but Mr. Merilino never told Miss Turula what happened.

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John, I'm attending the reunion this July and looking forward to seeing you. Linda Barone

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