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Rose Mary Chase
Spouse/Partner: Bill Roberts, we live in Jamestown, NC
Occupation: Retired
Children: No change here...

One son - James Robert, born 9/15/1966; one daughter - Terri, born 12/4/1971 More…and one granddaughter (Terri's daughter) - Miranda - born 12/18/1993
Yes! Attending Reunion
How many years with your spouse or partner:


Are you working now?

Finally retired end of April 2017 and loving every minute of it. People ask, what do you do all day - my reply is - I do what I want to do, when I want to do and if I want to do - or not. Best part is being able to go out shopping in the morning time when other people are working and the stores are not crowded. I can take my time and not feel rushed or watched. However, to this tale, my husband decided to go back to work in the office 4 days a week taking Fridays off. That was short lived - now he takes Saturdays and Sundays off - what's wrong with this picture? LOL

1/24/216: STILL working - Bill sold the business in October 2015 and now I've set my eyes on retirement - hopefully, again - at the end of the 1st Quarter of 2016. We'll see.......I'll post it when it happens.

Yes, still working...
update 7/25/2015: Bill is in the process of selling his business and it will take some time to finalize all the paperwork and transition between the two companies to take place. Once this is all said and done, I'll finally be able to retire.....YEAH....been waiting for this for 3 years now....took this length of time before Bill finally came to his decision to say 'enough is enough'. He owns his own direct-placement recruiting firm (degreed professionals, national and international positions). Looks like this may all come to a close within the next 2 months or less....will update when this happens.

Would you like to share your employment history?


Worked for Eastman Kodak for a few years; Main Post Office many years ago, Personnel Dept in what was Lincoln First Bank (Tower downtown) now Chase; then in NC - worked for UnitedHealth Care, and now under CVS
7/25/2015 - also forgot to mentioned, worked in my husbands business for a was nice to be there, but seeing and working w/ones spouse 24/7 isn't always a good thing....even though I own 50% of the business, and love my husband dearly, this 24/7 'closeness' was just not for I moved on to another job - that was 9 years ago.....

Would you like to tell us about them

all live here in Greensboro, NC (Jamestown, NC)
7/25/2015 - Terri is now working in the same company as me....she loves her job working in an office environment - her hours are currently 12-9 PM, and will change to 9 AM-6PM shortly, she is looking forward to that change as, like me, she only lives 5 minutes from the office.


One granddaughter - Miranda - 8/15/2018: Miranda has 3 cats - a male who is fixed and two females who were in surgery yesterday - and Grammy Rose is taking care of them for the next week. Didn't know I was going to become a nursemaid to kitty cats in my retired years....LOL. This is only happening as Miranda is moving this weekend and her cats have to stay w/me so they will be in a safe place. This is the only 'news' in my retired life as it stands for now.

Would you like to tell us about them?

1/24/2016 Miranda will be graduating from GTCC in May of 2016 - she found a 'home' for her going to school after graduating high school in 2012 - tried A&T - didn't like the 'party atmosphere', transferred to Western University of Carolina (in the mountains) - didn't like it there either - so she came home and went to GTCC...changed her major from forensic science to psychology. Doing much better, and is much happier. She will be starting at UNCG in August.

As for Miranda - she still is a college girl.....not sure what she wants to do when she grows up....

What are your favorite pastimes?

Catching up on my reading. Love to read and work on word search books.

being on the computer - when I get the opportunity, reading books, working word puzzles and spending time w/my family.
7/25/2015 - walking - need to keep these ole legs moving and body healthy in order to enjoy retirement.....

Places you have traveled and sights you have seen?

Canada, Bahamas (a few times), Mexico, more travel planned when we retire
7/25/2015 - once Bill's business is all said and done, we plan on taking the train to different parts of the country to see family and friends. I'm not so much into flying anymore, and I don't want him to do the driving to Washington, California, Florida, Atlanta, or Boston. That would be too much stress on him and me to be traveling on the highways at high speeds (especially me - I'm not a good long distance car rider). However, we will drive to Rochester - that I can handle...we plan on coming back 'home' sometime in the fall this year....

What are your proudest moments?

beside having my kids....have to think on this one
7/25/2015 - still pondering...

What are your favorite songs from the sixties?

oh, gosh, to numerous to name....
7/25/2015 - still the same answer...

Who was your favorite teacher from the JMHS and Why?

Still thinking....

I'll update this another time, have to think on this
7/25/2015 - My original homeroom teacher - Mrs Brown, until she got sick and had to leave....Mr Vetter - never a dull moment in his class - he always made sure we knew where he was from when he pulled down the map hanging on the wall. I think he was originally from Michigan????? Anyone else remember? Last, Mr Pierce - I worked on the Docket and was responsible for mailing out our school's paper to other area high schools - that gave me a sense of being a part of something more outside of JMHS - (what else did I know - I was only 17-18 at the time and JMHS was my world at that time).

What television show or movie best describes your current life and Why?

h-m-m-m, gotta think on this
7/25/2015 this is still a tough question...

What message would you give today to the current JMHS Student Body?

7/25/2015 - or any school - stay in school - those 4 years go by so fast and once they are gone, you can't get them back. Some kids today probably don't care - others are really good kids and continue on...sometimes I wish I had better guidance and foresight of what I wanted to do - so stay focused - the world is a changing.....

Are there any Life's Lessons you would pass along?

don't know, still searching - haha

Do you have a "Bucket List"?

not really
7/22/2016 - as of this writing - to be able to retire when I say I am. I've been going to retire for about 3 + years now, and I almost made it happen 7/4/2016 - but then a co-worked decided to quit work w/1 day notice, and I was pulled back to do the job (again) so, it looks like I'll be working until the end of the year :( .......I'm the trainer of this position, so there - I will stay.

Maybe the next entry I'll be able to say "I'm Retired!!!!!"


#1 - this website is awesome - only way I would have reached out -

#2, since graduation, work, work, found time to have my kids and did some vacationing...

#3 - wished I had stayed in touch w/the people I had graduated with and hung around with; 50 years is to long to have waited to have found the people I have so often thought of and missed

What special memories do you have of JMHS?

A lot - I think of the kids in my homeroom - 107, the lunchroom - there was always something going on; didn't one of the girls gym teachers get pushed into the pool and she walked through the cafeteria to the deans office and everyone applauded? The girls that I use to hang around with - where are they and what have they done....I have a lot of good memories
7/25/2015 - still think a lot of these people - especially this weekend - the 50 Year Reunion - hope you all had fun re-connecting. The Snow Ball dance - I believed it was held in the gym. I can still visualize the layout of the school, the main office, Miss Trulua's office, the gym, pool, auditorium and where some of my classrooms were....just like it was yesterday...miss those days....

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Hi, Barbara. We haven't spoken in a while, so, hoping everything is going alright with you. I sent your b-day card out earlier this week, hope you got it. I finally retired in April 2017 - enjoying every day of it so far. Catch up w/you soon. Take care.....

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Another year has come and gone....Happy Birthday, Lorraine - hope you have a great day.

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Hi, Lorraine. I hear about you through Jan. I didn't realize how close our b-day were all these years until I see it above - 11/10/46. And me on 12/1 - so nice to know you are 'older' than me - hahahaha. Remember all the pajama parties we use to have - best times of my life.....anywho - wanted to wish you a happy belated b-day. :)

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Hi Jim....or do you go by James? I read your profile, you are so right on the comment about:
Are there any Life's Lessons you would pass along?
Keep in contact with your high school friends; I have and they will enrich your life forever. I sure wish I had....but better late than never. I've been communicating w/Jan and Barb, and sorry it took me so long to respond to you. Sounds like you've had a very fulfilling life...I see you wrote that one of your buddies was Chuck you know what's up w/him these days? I didn't see his picture in the yearbook. Than you for reaching's nice to know things have gone well for you....You made it what it is....God Bless

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This is my first time on this site.  I have been out of touch from my classmates for many years and today, I decided to set up a profile.  As I'm looking through all the tabs, imagine my shock when I saw this memory of Scotty.  We were married right out of high school in August 1965 and unfortunately, the union didn't work out.  I am sadden to see of his passing....God Bless you, Scotty.