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3 live in Maryland
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This is the John Marshall High School 

Class Of 1965 Website

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Even if you never quite made it to graduation June 1965, or moved away and/or finished at another school, or graduated a little before or after 1965 from JMHS, you are all welcome here! Just contact us & request we add your name so you can join.

 We're still trying to add photos and other interesting things to the site. Please look around in your pictures for past reunions or other photos from the high school years that you would like to share.  It really brings the history of our class to life. By scanning and emailing the pictures to we will be able to upload the pictures on to the site for all to enjoy. So dig out the old pictures



Missing Classmates & Teachers

Please Help us find everyone?

Allen, Gary
Allen (Languages), John D.
Allen (Home Economics), Virginia
Amnott (Physical Ed), Jacqueline
Anthony, James
Asquith (Social Studies), Douglas
Bacon, Linda
Barrow, Charlene
Batz, Fred
Brien (Thompson), Ann Marie
Brink (Goethe), Joyce
Bristol (Fisher), Joyce
Brown (English), Anna
Brown (Science), Susan
Calabria, Joseph
Carey, Joanne
Caton (Librarian), Mary
Cavotta, Rachael
Christensen, Peter
Closser (Math), Helen
Colby, Bonnie
Collyer, Richard
Cook, Gary
Corbett (Science), Dorothy
Corwin (Fine Arts), George W.
Coyle, William
Crable (Fine Arts), James
Craver (Potter), Jacqueline
Crellin (English), David
Czebatul, Thomas
Dailor (Science), John E.
D'Amanda, Richard
Danis (Social Studies), Ruth
Davis (Social Studies), Rosemary
Dentino, Michael
Dewey, David
Dick, George
Diehl, Joseph
Dillenburg (Social Studies), Thomas
DiMuro, Raymond
Donofrio (Merzel), Diane
Donofrio, Maryann
Doser (Physical Ed), Waltrand
Doud (Biahyj), Sharon
Drexel, Arthur
DuRocher, Patricia
Dyer, Scott
Eadie (Science), Jacquelyn
Elliott, James
Elliott, Robert
Ertle (Business), John R.
Fanghella (Pehrson), Linda
Farrell, Michael
Feldbauer (Science), Betty
Foster (Nurse), Dorothy
Fucile, Valerie
Fuller (Home Economics), Ruth
Fuller, Sharon
Garner (English), Pauline
Graf (Physical Ed), William
Granger (English), Mary W.
Griffin (Fine Arts), Gail
Guerrera (Physical Ed), Dorothy
Haag, Michael
Hafner, Judith
Harzmann (Physical Ed), Barbara
Hathaway, Barbara
Havill (Science), Jean
Hawthorne (English), James
Healy (Bowman), Barbara
Hebblethwaite, Daniel
Heffner (Hanly), Donna
Hill, Gerald
Hoffman (Social Studies), Edward
Holmes (English), Patricia
Horst (Science), John
Howland (Social Studies), James
Hurd (English), Linda Lou Wickham
Hutchins (Honan), Gloria
Irons, Patricia
Johnson (English), Fredrick
Jones (English), Jane
Keating, Thomas
King, Wallace
Kneuer (English), William
Konezny (English), Judith
Koster (Padget), Sandra
Kowacich, Millard
Kowalski, Dianna
Kozak (English), Anne
Krembel, Virginia
Laino (Languages), John
Landers (Math), Lawrence
Lane (66), Charles
Lathrop (Business), Helen M.
Leppla, Joyce
Linder (Little), Beverly
Linhos, Bruce
Lippa, Janis
Lippa, Joyce
Lord, Michael
Lutus (Business), John F.
Maddox (English), Margaret
Maher (Fine Arts), Betty T.
Maier, Gary
Martin (English), James
Marzano, Gerald
Mason (English), Johanna
Mastro, Edith
McCabe, Thomas
McCarthy, Daniel
McCarthy, Margaret
McElligott (Sawicki), Linda
McLaughlin (Accompanist), Edna
Merlino (Physical Ed), Anthony
Meyer, James
Miller (Tyo), Linda
Miller, Marilyn
Minor (64), Richard
Mitrano, Joseph
Moore (English), Gerald
Morse (Fine Arts), John
Moses (Science), William
Muratore (Physical Ed), Paul
Nasca (DiRose), Phyllis
Naumann, John
Niger (Business), Mary
Norris (Home Economics), Ruth
Oberleichtner (Home Economics), Rita
Ognibene (Social Studies), Richard
Ostrander (Science), Charles
O'Sullivan, Jean
Oyer, Pamela
Padgett, Diana
Palermo, Michael
Palermo (Speech Therapist), Michael
Paliani (Ringer), Linda
Peck (English), Daniel
Pedell (Shaw), Katherine
Perine (English), Joseph
Pflaum (Math), Charles W.
Phelan (Industrial Arts), Lee Frederick
Piazza (Librarian), Judy
Pierce, James
Pierce (English), Paul
Pierce (Kumetat), Susan
Pilskalns, Zigurd
Plekan, Gerald
Polizzi (English-Drama), Alfred
Pollotta (Baker), Lorraine
Post, Allen
Powarzynski (Industrial Arts), John
Power, William
Purdy, Michael
Quinn, Ellen
Reinagel (Gilbert), Gail
Remington (Fine Arts), Laura
Rennick (Adams), Elizabeth
Reynell, John
Rickert, Gary
Rinella (Philp), Sharon
Ringwood (Dean Of Boys), Merl
Roberts (Social Studies), Edwin
Roberts (Business), Lorraine
Rose, Linda
Rosenbloom (Physical Ed), Barbara
Rytkonen (Counselor), Ellen
Sage Iii, William
Sagesse (Dental Hygienist), Patricia
Salemme (Business), John V.
Salkin (English), Abner
Sanders, David
Scalise (#7 School), Frank
Scalone (Shaw), Sandra-Lynn
Scudder (Practical Arts), Merrill
Scully (Science), Virginia
Seiler (English), Judith
Shaw, Michael
Simonette, Gary
Simpson (Librarian), Rhoma Rae
Siskin, Linda
Slye, Robert
Smith, Douglas
Smith, Marilyn
Smith, Thompson
Songer (English), Marilyn
Spickler (Psychologist), Martin W.
Stillman, June
Stout (Science), Norman
Strowger (Weissinger), Patricia
Sullivan (Industrial Arts), John E.
Thompson (Business), B. Ray
Thornton, Richard
Tomasso, Dorothy
Tomasso, Peter
Toole, John
Toole, Nadine
Toscano (Sciarabba), Rita
Trentman (Nurse), Florence
Tucker, Lee
Tuttle, Virginia
Vaillancourt (Szeles), Suzanne
Van Deusen, Jane
Vegh (Physical Ed), Mr
Venner (Wayne), Jean
Viti (Speech Therapist), Anthony
Waldock (Hicks), Linda
Walsh, David M.
Welch, Barry
Werner, Richard
Whittaker (Counselor), Albert
Wilson (Chilcote), Freda
Wojcik (English), Antoinette
Zapf (Haley), Sharon
Zenkel, John




To you we offer our loyal affection. And pledge allegiance John Marshall to you. Our Alma Mater, your banners are waving. Always the vict’ry to you. When on life’s highway, the future will call us. Far from your portals your students will be. Then in our memo’ry your name shall not perish. Marshall we pledge loyalty.........................................



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We found some more pictures of the 45th Reunion and added them to the Gallery Page.



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